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Mike Zillo

Chemical Engineer with a strong passion for renewable resources and sustainable development. Serial entrepreneur since 2013. In cryptocurrencies, full-time, since 2016. Working with a small investment fund, managing operations about trading on cryptocurrencies, Spot and Futures Market. Blockchain consultancies for Business Development, and Business Start-up. Mining Farm facilities deployment. Author of 2 books.

1988. I was born. I actually do not remember a lot of this moment. 2007. Went to study away from my birth place 2013. Graduation in M.Eng. Chemical Engineering 2013. Publication of my first book 2013. Created one startup. Took part in another. 2015. I resigned from a great and stable working place in a multinational corporation. Started my full time serial entrepreneurial career. 2016. Started life in crypto-world 2017. Started a collaboration on a success-fee-only-base contract with the investment fund. This is the paycheck I like! Getting paid for my result. 2018. Started first mining farm facility deployment 2020. March. Second book (first con cryptocurrency) published. 2020. Started second mining farm facility deployment 2020. Started tokenization feasibility study and creation of a keys-in-hand solution