The Team

Blocksafe was founded in 2020 with the aim of providing free and high-quality information for newcomers to the world of cryptocurrency. We are an inclusive network of close-knit friends and blockchain professionals who pride ourselves on being able to give prompt and direct answers to your questions. With our many combined years of experience in the field of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, we know that this is a high-risk, high-reward sector, and how difficult it is to source trustworthy information about the blockchain world online. Here at Blocksafe we are building a fellowship of crypto experts and advocates, with the intention of sharing our knowledge to both new and old members, so that we can progress forwards as a community into this exciting new world.

Ben Appleby

Founder and CEO of Blocksafe. Designer. Entrepreneur. Investor. Tech nut. Creative. Analyst. Futurist.

As a User Experience Researcher and Designer I'm a natural optimiser. I've had a 20 year career building user friendly products.

Blocksafe plan to build a panel of trusted experts to help foster safe adoption of crypto that's easy to use and supportive

Experience: Apple, Shell, Ford, Sony, MTV, Barclays, EY, Standard Chartered, E.on, Disney, Paramount, Diageo and Boots

Craig Patton

Strategist. Business Growth. Executive

A seasoned executive with more than 20+ years in digital and emerging technologies. Currently working with the Executive Board of Ogilvy Group.

Craig worked with the founders of Fjord, leading led the sale of Fjord to Accenture Interactive.

Advisor to Blocksafe.

Experience: WPP, R/GA, Fjord, Accenture, Burberry, O2, Nike, Orange, British Airways

Stuart G Hall

A data-driven marketing professional. Crypto Advocate and Community Member.

SMEs and startups, to global brands PR and marketing support for AR startups Lampix ICO $14.2m. In 2016-17 worked for innovative startups on successful crowd-sale and ICO campaigns at Europe's largest fintech accelerator space, Level39.

Advisor to Blocksafe.

Experience: eBay Inc, Sony EU, , Lampix, Level39